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I grew up doing as much exploring as I did sewing and that was a lot. I loved everything fashion and may have taken part in a beauty pagent or two! Whilst at University, I spent some of my spare time designing outfits and directing fashion shows for charity. The thrill of fashion had only just begun.

As well as pursuing a career in science, I work as a photographic and personal stylist. It is through my work as a stylist that I have had the privilege of working with some of the designers that we are promoting.

The quality, functionality and fit of a garment are as equally important as its style. The placement of pockets or darts, that asymetric opening etc. are what will determine wether you will still look and feel great in an outfit at the end of a long day at work or multiple school runs. I have similarly high expectations for shoes and accessories. The best wardrobes are filled with these adaptable and carefully thought out pieces.

I use what I know about fabric, style and fashion, to insure that every item on our website meets the standards that I set for myself. MYSTYLIST LONDON reflects my aesthetic as a stylist, developed from years of working with clients and designers who love distinguished fashion and want to stay true to their personal style.

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