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Posted on July 07 2020

Welcome to our first edition of "Meet the designer". This is where you will virtually meet the designers and brands we showcase and get an insight into their world.
I am excited to introduce you to twin sisters Violeta  and Vladlena the designers and founders of the brand TTWINN. I had the previledge of meeting the talented duo at the PURE London show in July 2017. I literally fell in love with their handbag designs at first sight and I am sure you will too! Little did I know that they would go on to win the 2017 BTAA Fashion accessory of the year award in September! We are thrilled to bring you the product of the year.
Based in London, all of their design inspiration is drawn from life in this beautiful, modern and vibrant city. Both Violeta and Vladlena work in the financial industry and have themselves often struggled to find a versatile handbag that fits into their busy work lifestyles. It is from this frustration that they came up with this genius and unique handbag design with interchangeable flaps. 

ttwinn london grey felt leather crossbody bag
TTWINN bags are made out of a combination of merino wool felt and premium Italian leather finished with light gold brass hardware giving them a luxurious look and feel. The interchangeable flaps can be easily unzipped from the back and replaced with a different one allowing you to transform your style in a matter of seconds.
The bags offer an effortless switch from a sharp corporate look for those early morning meetings to a relaxed and fun style for cocktails after work. As well as being stylish, you can be guaranteed that their bags are of superior quality. All TTWINN bags are handcrafted by a team of highly skilled artisans in Europe who are dedicated to creating the best products.
ttwinn london grey felt red cubic flap I caught up with the sisters to congratulate them on their recent award (no doubt the first of many) and had a chance to ask them about their future plans. Whilst they feel incredibly proud that as a new brand, their hard work has been recognised by top experts in the fashion industry, they are also very aware that there is still a lot more work to be done on the brand. As well as working on the AW18/19 collection, they are preparing to exhibit at PURE London in February 2018. When I pressed for more information on their designs, they promised "stunning and eye- catching designs that will top the current collection." To say that I am excited about the new collection is an understatement! 
The twin sisters are also planning to continue building their brand identity in the UK and expand internationally as they aim to become a truly global brand. They are a brand to watch. We certainly wish them all the best. 
We have stocked up on the red cubic, blue cubic, red fringe, blue fringe and the leather flaps so you can have at least three looks with one bag. The best part is they haven't just designed one bag, they have designed 3 bags, the tote bag , the shoulder bag and the backpack. These suit the different personalities and lifestyles of the modern working woman and we have stocked them all. So which one of the bags is your favourite? I absolutely love the tote. It's large enough to keep what I need for meetings including a small changing kit for baby Mylo should I need it. 
ttwinn london grey melange tote
Have you already purchased one of these for yourself? We would love to see your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or all three if you like.Tag us and use #mystylistldn.
Until next time, stay true to your personal style. 
A xx 

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